Prevention and treatment

You can prevent and treat intimate complaints by supporting your body to keep or restore a healthy vaginal environment. This can be done by:

  • hygienic measures. These are cleanliness, and the necessary precautions for sexual intercourse.
  • Application of a vaginal gel
  • Venereal diseases should always be treated with medication prescribed by your doctor or gynaecologist and can be supported products like FEMIFRESH, V-Secure, P- Wash etc .

10 Tips to prevent intimate discomforts

  • Do not close off the intimate area with tight pants, tight underwear, etc. Preferably wear cotton underwear.
  • Do not sleep with your underwear on
  • Do not use ordinary soap and do not wash with shampoo 'down there', because this can be irritating to the intimate area. In the pharmacy or drugstore you can find special products for intimate hygiene such as Femifresh, V –Secure Gel & Wash, P- Wash etc.
  • For internal vaginal hygiene use a vaginal spray such as V – Secure wash to wash the vagina clean and prevent a condition in which undesired bacteria might grow. After vaginal wash use V –Secure Gel or Femifresh.
  • Take care that bacteria from the bowel do not get into the vagina; always wipe yourself from front to back
  • Washcloth collect and grow bacteria. Always use a clean washcloth
  • When experiencing vaginal discomforts such as abnormal discharge or odour, itch or irritation use V- Secure Gel or Wash or Femifresh Deo for direct relief and to neutralize the harmful micro-organisms in a safe and natural way
  • Change tampons and sanitary towels regularly.
  • Make love when you are really aroused and not 'dry', because that may cause irritation of the tissue V-Secure Vagina Lubricating GEL can be used to compensate for vaginal dryness and stimulate the natural moisture.
  • When you often suffer from yeast infection, a sugar free diet might be of help. Use FEMIFRESH Vaginal Deodorant to treat and prevent your yeast problems and be aware that your partner can be a source of re-infection. Advise him to regularly use P- Wash to keep his Penis hygienic, free from bad odor and refreshed.
  • See to a good general condition to boost your resistance. Take enough rest.

Intimate hygiene

Improper intimate hygiene can cause and/or stimulate vaginal infections. 'Bacterial vaginosis' and 'vaginal yeast infections' are common examples. But what exactly does 'proper intimate hygiene' mean?

  • Gentle intimate hygiene
    Gentle intimate hygiene means adapting the cleaning and care of the vaginal area to the requirements of the sensitive vulva area.
  • The vagina is a very sensitive organ
    Substances containing soap and paraffin can disrupt the vaginal flora and cause an imbalance. This also applies to perfumes, preservatives and many additives. A gentle and safe intimate-hygiene regime does not include these additives.
  • Why should I wash my vagina at all?
    The self-cleaning process of the vagina mainly takes place internally, however can be disrupted as a result of anatomical circumstances. For example, sperm residues may be rinsed out but then stay on the outside of the vagina. In this case daily, intimate hygiene and cleaning helps.  Many women also find vaginal discharge unpleasant. Particularly when the volume increases depending on the cycle.
  • Is applying cream part of proper intimate hygiene?
    Washing too hot and too frequently dries out the skin and promotes itching. This also applies to the sensitive vaginal area in particular. So if you wash too often, too intensively and with water that is too hot, you will at some point feel the need to apply cream. However, it is always better to retain the natural moisture/grease of the skin than to artificially apply it. Particularly as the use of rich creams, in particular those containing paraffin, is a controversial discussion. 
  • How do I look after my vaginal area properly?
    Do not use regular soaps, shampoos or perfumes for the intimate area. To cleanse the area, plain water is enough. If you wish to use a product for the intimate area, only use especially developed products like V-Secure Wash, V-Secure Gel or Femifresh vaginal Deodorant . These products are designed for the female intimate area and are completely free from harsh ingredients.