CLAPS Industries Pvt. Ltd with corporate office at Ahmedabad , Gujarat, India is having manufacturing facilities for different range of products for Human health care. Apart from manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical products of various therapies like antibiotics, antifungals, cardiology, diabetology,gastroenterology,pain, cancer, nutraceuticals, dermatology etc CLAPS focuses on Cosmetics products for Personal Hygiene Care, Intimate skin care & Beauty .
CLAPS Manufacturing plants are accredited by various international regulatory bodies including World Health Organization.
CLAPS is having ISO 9001:2008 certificate for Cosmetics products for Personal Hygiene Care, Intimate skin & Beauty Products .
A good quality management system is developed and maintained inside the plant. CLAPS is strengthening its footprints in various countries all over the globe with its world class unique range of products.
For knowing more about pharmaceutical range of products please visit www.clapspharma.com.

Feminine Hygiene & Beauty Care

  • 1. Vaginal Protection & Freshness products
  • 2. Vaginal Dryness & Vaginal Lubrication products
  • 3. Body‘s Beauty care products like Breast Toning, firming & Enhancement gel
  • 4. Body’ s sanitization products like wet tissue napkins /antibacterial wipes etc

Men Hygiene Care

1. Men Intimate Care product to provide protection to Penis from infections & freedom from bad odor, itching etc Pack Available : Moisturizing & Lubrication Gel, Spray wash, Foaming Wash, Deodorant spray to protect and keep Vagina refreshed round the clock

CLAPS Vision

To offer world class products for human beings across globe .

CLAPS Mission

To provide best solutions to the global marketplace in terms of quality, efficacy, safety.

CLAPS Values

Our values are derived from strong belief that a compassionate leader achieves peace and success not only for himself but for all living beings.