Intimate Discomforts

Almost every woman will have some intimate discomforts in her lifetime. These can be very annoying and influence her well-being in daily life. These intimate discomforts are not necessarily associated with a serious disease.

The most common intimate discomforts are:

  • itch
  • burning sensation
  • dryness
  • excessive vaginal discharge/smell
  • irritations and pain during or after sex

If these discomforts are not taken care of, they could lead to a serious bacterial infection or Candidiasis. In those circumstances you should always visit a doctor.

Intimate discomforts can be treated and prevented by using products like V-Secure Gel, V-Secure Wash, Femifresh and P-Wash. When taking prescribed antibiotics or antimycotics these products can support the re-balancing of the vaginal flora.